Taking responsibility – in digitization, sustainability, mobility.


People are confronted with responsibility on a daily basis. Whether they are managers, politicians or private individuals, they all assume responsibility for forward-looking decisions and results. If you are aware of your responsibility and take it on, you can change things and be successful.

Nevertheless, each person interprets responsibility differently and has a different sense of responsibility: Someone can actively assume responsibility or evade it and distribute it among others. The question “Who was responsible?” quickly shows that responsibility in today’s society is often associated with a sense of duty or failure.

Yet, especially in times of a higher-faster-wide mentality, the importance of responsibility in all dimensions is increasing: globalisation, digitalisation, climate change, demographic change, security, new work, gender shift, individualisation, etc. Today’s pace of change requires responsible people who want to take on responsibility.

In three thematic blocks, our speakers will approach responsibility and its impact on our living and working world. The impact on medium.sized companies and our region of South Westphalia is also in the foreground. We take a holistic approach in order to shed light on the subject in all its different facets.



Responsibility permeates a variety of topics in the professional world: Managers assume responsibility for the success of the company and at the same time are responsible for the results of their employees. Employees who are willing to take responsibility and take on new challenges learn to grow with them. In this way, responsibility can also contribute to employee motivation and satisfaction. The standard of responsibility is by no means higher for managers than for non-executives.


Society has changed: People increasingly see themselves as bearers of responsibility. Responsibility is reflected in the right behaviour towards others. Anyone who feels responsible for others (social responsibility) feels fulfilled in standing up for others. Often people see the responsibility of others more clearly than their own: responsibility is then faced with self-responsibility.


As representatives of the interests of the population, politicians have a responsibility to the citizens to fulfil their government mandate through their decisions. As part of a democracy, we are all called upon to develop personal responsibility. Quality of responsibility is particularly important in politics: Those who have the competence to fulfil their responsibility are highly relevant.

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