Brave, inspiring, continuous  – the Charlie Award. This special prize honors role models for the younger generation. Under the theme “A bundle of knowledge”, individuals and projects are distinguished that do good, that pursue their aims despite all opposition, and that advocate their values.

Following an old tradition from the 12th and 13th century, craftsmen take to the road once their apprenticeship is over – they are then journeymen. Their constant companion is their “Charlie”. Charlie is the abbreviation for the Charlottenburg cloth bundle in which the journeyman’s possessions are wrapped. During his travels, the content of the bundle grows together with each new work experience. The content of the Charlie is thus symbolic for the accumulated knowledge and the skills learned by the wayfarer. Young people take new paths in order to accumulate experience. They are supported by their role models and companions – anchor-points at the different stations in their lives. Role models go their own straightforward way, are independent, remain true to their principles, and show that it is necessary to fight to achieve one’s goals in life.