The Campus Symposium is an international business conference which has been held in Iserlohn with great success since 2005. The event is organized by the students and offers guests from all over the world not only interesting talks and workshops, but also a comprehensive supporting program in the exceptional atmosphere of the marquee town set up on 4000 m² of lawn. 

The main focus of the Campus Symposium is on generating knowledge and creating a networking platform where prestigious speakers and entrepreneurs can convene. In this way, the team of students contributes towards promoting the business location of South Westphalia with its numerous hidden champions and global market leaders, and bringing together cross-sectoral business people.

This vision has been successfully implemented since 2005, while at the same time undergoing continuous improvement. To date, top-class personalities such as, for instance, the former US president Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Edmund Stoiber, Gerhard Schröder, Tony Blair, Al Gore, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Ehud Olmert and many other orators have given talks to innumerable guests on topical issues from the field of business and politics.

The topics of the last years:

2018: Digitize or die?! – Herausforderungen für Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

2016: Werte – System und soziale Marktwirtschaft im Umbruch?

2014: Wandel – Zukunftsangst oder neue Perspektive?!

2012: Kommunikation – Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg!

2010: Nachhaltigkeit – Gesellschaftliche Realität oder grüne Fiktion?

2009: The Green Business Conference

2008: Innovation als Zukunftskonzept

2007: Unternehmenserfolg im 21. Jahrhundert

2006: Future needs Competence

2005: Wissen austauschen – Innovationen schaffen